11th Mar 2019

If you are looking to switch energy providers then you will need to give the correct notice to your incumbent provider. The amount required by different energy suppliers varies significantly from no minimum notice period up to 120 days in extreme cases, so we’ve created this handy list of termination notice periods and included the email address you need to use to communicate your intent to terminate:

Supplier Termination Email Termination Notice Period
SSE [email protected] One month before end date
Haven Power [email protected] 30 Days from End Date
British Gas [email protected] 90-120 Days from End Date
Orsted (DONG) [email protected] 30 Days from End Date
Crown Gas & Power [email protected] 90 Days from End Date
Eon [email protected] Minimum 30 Days
Npower [email protected] Minimum 30 Days
Gazprom [email protected] 3 months notice required
Smartest Energy [email protected] Minimum 90 Days
Opus Energy [email protected] One month before end date
CNG [email protected] Minimum 30 Days
Corona Energy [email protected] Minimum 30 Days for both Gas and Electic
Scottish Power [email protected] Minimum 30 Days
Engie (formerly GDF Suez) [email protected] 45 Days (I&C), 30 Days (SME)
EDF [email protected] Minimum 30 Days
Total Gas and Power [email protected] Minimum 30 Days, sometimes 90 dependent on T's & C's
Dual Energy [email protected] Minimum 30 Days

* These contract periods are provided as guidance only, customers should always look to double-check the notice period contained within their supply contract.

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