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Insurance & Associated Services framework option


By Michelle Newcombe

With price increases to UK schools/academies' risk protection arrangements on the horizon in 2024, CPC can offer this alternative to consider.

As price rises relating to the risk protection arrangement (RPA) for schools and academies are set to come into effect from April and September, respectively, CPC is keen to highlight the alternative option presented by its Insurance and Associated Services for Academies & Schools buying framework.

A compliant route to the insurance market that can successfully adhere to your in-house procurement regulations, as well as those of the wider public sphere, this particular purchasing framework (as established in 2020) is recommended by the Department for Education (DfE) and offers qualifying institutions a simple process for acquiring three competitive quotations, all from specialist providers of education insurance.

Our selection of vetted and chosen insurance providers is able to deliver expert advice on coverage needs, claim handling and risk management, with technical guidance from FCA-regulated partners Risk2Value and specific procurement information available through CPC upon use of this framework, alongside specially designed insurance questionnaire(s) to assist in the process.

It is worth noting the UK Government have confirmed a price increase from £23 per pupil to £25 under the RPA, as highlighted here. In addition, with the RPA only available to academies and local authority-maintained schools, CPC’s framework might present a solution for some establishments outside of this criterion.

Please be advised that Lot 1 of CPC’s Insurance and Associated Services framework serves as the alternative to RPA cover, while Lot 2 is for those with RPA protection who are seeking to procure further cover outside of its remit. Some covers typically purchased under Lot 1 include professional indemnity, personal accident, legal expenses and cyber risks, as well as various property damage coverage.

As this agreement is set to expire this September, we advise schools and academies looking to investigate this insurance option to contact CPC’s procurement team as soon as possible. Academies remaining within the existing RPA arrangement can also obtain quotations for additional covers not provided for in the scope of the risk protection arrangement, with CPC’s framework facilitating access to five specialist providers for this purpose.

For further details about CPC’s Insurance and Associated Services for Academies & Schools framework, or to have a conversation about how this agreement may assist your institution, contact Contract Manager Michelle Newcombe via 0161 535 0138.




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