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Knowledge Drops detail key changes to regulations


By CPC Helpdesk

With the Procurement Bill now finalised as the Procurement Act 2023 and the legal implementation of its newly established procurement regulations upcoming in 2024, the UK Cabinet Office has published the first of its advertised ‘Knowledge Drops’.

The Knowledge Drops are a set of informative videos, accessible on demand, designed to support stakeholders by summarising changes to the present public procurement regulations. These videos are intended to help those who have regular dealings or interactions with the procurement function and would therefore benefit from gaining understanding of the new legislation at a fundamental level. Some of the kinds of people who would benefit include our senior leaders and policy makers, finance directors and lawyers, as well as digital and data staff and those who might be involved with, or connected to, tender processes and contract management (even if indirectly). The Knowledge Drops are 45 minutes long and divided into three categories, as embedded and compiled below.

Contracting authorities


Voluntary, Community & Social Enterprise (VCSE) and SME suppliers

Stakeholders who work at a school, academy, multi-academy trust, further education college or higher education institution are classified as a contracting authority. We advise those falling in this bracket to alert any procurement and finance colleagues to the release of the Knowledge Drops, enabling them to benefit from the information. The new Knowledge Drops can furthermore serve as an first step for any commercial or procurement professionals intending to upskill and/or educate themselves via the more detailed Learning & Development offerings, as assembled in this wider L&D brochure.

Finally, a number of accompanying fact sheets are also available, highlighting some specific differences in play for Wales and Northern Ireland, plus more.

Details on these fact sheets, as well as bullet points on the content of the Knowledge Drops (which are embedded for viewing) are compiled here.

An extended companion guide to the Knowledge Drop videos can be found in our impending second edition of Procurement Insights.

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