16th Dec 2019

The April energy contract renewal period is approaching, and we are advising all CPC members to get in touch as early as possible, in order to purchase their energy more efficiently.

Eight reasons to act now

  1. CPC members save an average of 12.5% on their energy bills through the framework
  2. You can mitigate budgetary risks when opting for longer term fully fixed energy contracts
  3. CPC members have achieved a combined total saving of £1 million during the first year of the Utilities framework
  4. You increase your opportunity of identifying and contracting at a lower and more effective cost point by allowing plenty of time for the procurement process
  5. It is vital that you provide enough notice to your incumbent provider about your intention to terminate your energy supply contract with them and avoid potentially being penalised
  6. Through the Utilities Supplies & Services framework, UPG will provide a like-for-like analysis against current and renewal costs, there is no obligation or pressure to proceed and no future commitment required
  7. Take advantage of the value-added services such as proactive market monitoring, bill validation, competitive multi-supplier sourcing and guidance on market timing to achieve the best rates for your establishment
  8. When you act early you are able to buy collaboratively and get better rates through the framework than would be possible individually due to economies of scale

Utilities Procurement Group (UPG) are the appointed provider for the CPC Utilities Supplies & Services framework. Please contact UPG for a free no obligation renewal quote on 03453 020041 or [email protected]