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How to get more quotes from suppliers


By Peter McMullan

Planning in enough time for suppliers to respond is essential when requesting a quote via a CPC framework.The minimum amount of time to allow on your quote request varies depending on what you’re looking to purchase. At the very minimum, we would advise allowing suppliers at least five days to respond to straightforward requests but you will need to allow much more time for complex procurements. Allowing shorter timescales may mean that you only receive a limited number of bids back. 

After suppliers receive your request, they will need time to process your requirements and may go to their partners to gain pricing for areas such as ICT Hardware, so some requests may take more time than you might expect. Providing sufficient time also allows suppliers to ask for any clarifications relating to your request, this will help to ensure their quote aligns closely to your requirements.  

Some frameworks have peaks and troughs in demand (i.e; for energy contracts, most institutions will have an April or October contract end date). At these points in the year suppliers will be inundated with requests, so if you are able to provide a longer quotation window in these busy periods it will help suppliers respond to your request.  

How to get more responses from suppliers 

  • The more time you can allow the better as this will enable more suppliers to respond
  • Allowing more time will increase bids, helping you to get better value for money
  • If you know turnaround times are going to be tight, you could do some pre-market engagement to help increase responses. Get in touch with suppliers to let them know a requirement is coming up and the turnaround is going to be tight

If you would like more advice on requesting a quote and the timings to allow, please contact the CPC helpdesk on  [email protected]  or  0800 066 2188. 

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