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Latest from Dukefield Energy, as webinars continue


By Michelle Newcombe

CPC's Michelle Newcombe, Contract Manager for the DfE-recommended Utilities Supplies & Services buying framework, was a guest of Dukefield Energy's energy market update and efficiency webinars in October and November, joining Dukefield CEO Nick Gauntlett, plus other contributors.

The Utilities Supplies & Services agreement secured the approval of the Department for Education in 2023 and is scheduled to continue through to October 2027, with seven lots included to support the provision of electricity supply (and additional services), natural gas supplies (and additional services), the supply of metered and unmetered water, metered and unmetered wastewater, trade effluent services and ancillary services, energy efficiency solutions (LED lighting), onsite generation (solar photovoltaics, heat pumps) and the supply of metering services and building energy management software.

Dukefield Energy are CPC's appointed energy consultant and serve as the sole supplier on this wide-ranging purchasing framework.

During the October discussion, Dukefield CEO Nick Gauntlett would comment on the energy market implications of unrest in the Middle East, as well as notable deals struck in Australia and the United States and a resumption of normality at Norwegian gas plants, each likewise in relation to the wider energy landscape.

Then, on resuming in November, Nick touched upon matters including the UK Government announcement of an impending raise of the price cap, domestically.

The two market update/energy efficiency webinars can be viewed below...

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