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Tender opportunity for Master Vendor Leasing Advisory Service Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)


By Ria Logan

CPC’s current Leasing Services framework is due to expire in June 2022. The current framework is for operational and financial leases, however we are working towards providing a new framework which will offer a much broader range of leasing products and services. 

The aim of this re-tender process is to procure a sole Master Vendor Leasing Advisory Service provider to work alongside CPC in creating a new Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for leasing services. The selected Advisor will then work with CPC during the life of the DPS agreement, providing advice and support to both CPC and our member in the following ways:

Supporting CPC

  • Support CPC with the appointment of organisations to the DPS including;
  • Work with the CPC Contracting Team to deliver a functional DPS system with accredited leasing providers for July 2022.
  • With CPC’s Support, be responsible for the ongoing evaluation of applications via the DPS system and making appointments in accordance with Public Contracts Regulations (2015) and all subsequent amendments thereto.

Support CPC members with mini competitions for leasing services including;

  • Assist members with the development of their capital equipment financing strategy where necessary.
  • Advise on the most appropriate financing route for the procured capital equipment.
  • Assist with the preparation and distribution of tender documents.
  • Undertaking the full further competition process on behalf of members where instructed.
  • Assess all proposals received and make appropriaterecommendations to CPC Members.
  • Ensure each lease is compliant with relevant legislation and legal requirements, especially where set by funding bodies.
  • Complete and disseminate recommendation reports for all tender activities.
  • Provide advice pertinent to the extension/termination of current leases ensuring full legal compliance as well as commercial risk mitigation.
  • Provide detailed advice/negotiation/recommendations about end of lease return of equipment.
  • Provide lease management services where required.
  • Assist with the preparation of leasing documentation.
  • Engage with Lessors to obtain all existing lease contract documentation and review with recommendations for the member.
  • Support our members on any technical queries.
  • Creating educational materials and/or training sessions for our members on the benefits of leasing and asset finance.

This new agreement will be our second ever Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) and in comparison to a standard framework agreement, will provide the added benefit that your local incumbent suppliers can apply to be on the DPS at any time throughout the lifetime of the agreement. This will allow our members to get quotations for the work from their local contractors as well as giving access to other contractors that have passed a vettingprocess to compare quotations against. This in turn encourages competition, enabling members to demonstrate Value for Money.

We will provide you with further updates on the progress of this re-tendering process over the coming months.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or require any further information regarding the Master Vendor Leasing Advisory Service then please contact Senior Procurement Officer Ria Logan at [email protected].

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