Help take your learning environment to the next level with our range of furniture and furnishing framework agreements.  Whether you are a school or academy looking for furniture bespoke to your sector, or a college or university seeking to procure office or residential furniture, we’ve got you covered.  Browse our furniture category frameworks to find out the types of furniture you can buy today at competitive prices.

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Choose from 3 Furniture & Furnishings Frameworks

Office and Residential Furniture

Use this framework to access market-leading providers for office and residential furniture for schools and the rest of the education sector.

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School and Academies Furniture and Associated Services

This framework provides the supply of furniture for schools and academies, with access to a range of classroom outfitters and laboratory furniture suppliers.

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Soft Furnishings, Associated Products and Services

This framework provides access to suppliers who specialise in soft furnishings, associated products and services for educational organisations.

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